Help Your Lord

Your Lord is naked / clothe Him

Your Lord is sickly / nurse Him

Your Lord’s in prison / see Him

Help your Lord

Dale Watson is a legend in the Texas music scene and well-beyond. I adore his albums, from Blessed or Damned to his brilliant Trucking Sessions Trilogy. As I said recently about Margo Price, he is everything that is right about country music.

I am ashamed to say that I have only recently come to discover Dale Watson, despite having heard his name dozens of times from the best and brightest. In fact, last week I attended a Whitey Morgan concert in Charlotte, where Whitey said something along the lines of, “Dale Watson is country music.” That’s for damn sure.

Dale Watson cut a gospel album some years ago, and you can currently download it for a measly four bucks. I bought it, and you should imitatio Kevin. Or you could be cheap and stream it through Spotify.

The title track is especially beautiful:


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