Joy as “the infallible sign of the presence of God”

With the semester starting back and with my church duties, the blog has taken a back seat. Yet, I couldn’t help but pass this along. In a speech at Fordham, Stephen Colbert relates some of his thoughts on the church — the Roman Catholic Church: “I love my church.” I wish we had the entire exchange on audio or video. Naturally, his statement about joy will resonate with those of us who have drank deeply from Barth and Balthasar.

And, while I’m passing stuff along, I really enjoyed this article: “How Protestantism Lost Its Mind,” a stirring defense of institutional religion.

Travis has a review of Oliver Crisp’s collection of essays on Reformed theology. Crisp is the recently minted professor of systematic theology at Fuller — a very smart move on Fuller’s part.

Lastly, Steven Wedgeworth has a long but worthwhile review of John Frame’s travesty of a book, The Escondido Theology. This is strictly intramural stuff, within conservative Reformed circles, so you have to have a penchant for these type of debates. However, I do recommend that everyone peruse their blog, The Calvinist International, an attempt to recover the catholic and political vision of the Reformation and Post-Reformation periods. I have my questions and concerns, to be sure, but this is a fine outpost of Reformed thinking.

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