Johnny Cash – The Last Great American (BBC)

Here is a wonderful documentary from the BBC on Johnny Cash:

The second half, chronicling the American Recordings era, is especially good, even if a bit over-the-top in its veneration. Interviewees include Little Richard (slightly crazy as always), fellow country legends such as Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard, producer Rick Ruben, and surviving family members.



    • Normally I do recommend getting albums (not greatest hits), but with Cash we have such a wide spread of albums and collections, many of which are not available, that makes it impossible to just collect his albums (like collecting every Merle Haggard album, as I’m doing). So, I highly recommend getting The Legend 4-disc set:

      The Legend

      This is a really fantastic collection covering his entire career up to the American series. So, you’ll still need to get the American series, which is well-worth having. Each disc in The Legend set is filled with as many songs as they could fit (25 to 27 songs per disc). The fourth disc is my favorite, including several duets with June Carter, his duet with Bob Dylan (“Girl from the North Country”), and a host of delightful songs I had never heard before, such as “The Night Hank Williams Came to Town.”

      • I’ll look into getting that. I already have all the Americans except II, Folsom Prison, and San Quentin – love them!

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