Billy Graham, contra fundamentalism

March 10, 2008

One of the many reasons why I love Billy Graham:

I thought the Reinhold Niebuhr reference at the end was interesting. For those who don’t know, Niebuhr criticized Graham for preaching a too simplistic gospel and not in tune with modern sensibilities. Well, I’m glad to see that Union Seminary has done so much good for the health of the church in America (note: that was sarcasm).

Also of interest, Billy Graham was subject to gross libel from Christopher Hitchens on C-SPAN last year. Here’s an adept rebuttal from TIME magazine with great insight into the character of Rev. Graham:

“Why Christopher Hitchens Is Wrong About Billy Graham”


One Response to “Billy Graham, contra fundamentalism”

  1. dpcpastor said

    We need more Grahams. Men who can speak grace and truth, truth in love. Check out my post
    where i speak on Johnny cash and Billy Graham’s friendship. Let me know what you think.

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