Music Spotlight: Flyleaf

I’ve been doing lesser known acts within the CCM world, so, for a change, here’s easily one of the most recognized Christian bands on modern rock radio: Flyleaf. The outstanding characteristic of the band is the amazing Lacey Mosley, the lead singer with a striking voice and lyrics overdosed with existential angst. The angst is not commonplace suburban whimpering but simply the ravishing effects of sin, familiar to Lacey who spent much of her teen years in depression, drugs, and aggressive atheism — leading to suicidal moments, until her conversion to Christ. Their first single, “I’m So Sick,” includes the chorus, “I’m so sick, infected with where I live; Let me live without this empty bliss — selfishness. I’m so sick.” Sounds like a true Calvinist to me!

The above video is an acoustic performance of their song, “Cassie.” Here is their MySpace Music page, where you can listen to some of their songs.


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