Chivalry is Dead

Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose

So, yeah, this has been a lazy summer for the blog! But I am happy to see that several posts have elicited some great conversation.

The two most important things for a well-rounded and balanced life are (1) Jesus and (2) country music. When the latter includes the former, you get a two-for-one! But this is not one of those. Whitney Rose’s “Chivalry is Dead” is about romance and fun and being a woman in the 21st century. She is not so much bemoaning that chivalry is dead as saying, “oh well, I’ll be fine.” The lyrics are clever, as is common throughout her self-titled debut album.

Her voice is silky smooth, and her vocal control is top notch. Her follow-up album, Heartbreaker of the Year, is due to be released internationally on August 21. She is the sole songwriter for most of her material.

Cameron House Records, her label, has a series of performances from “the Hacienda” that I highly recommend:


“The Devil Borrowed My Boots”

“Heartbreaker of the Year”


Image: Whitney Rose (source)


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