Priest, Prophet, King

For the past several weeks, I taught through the book of Hebrews at church. In the first lesson, I introduced the three offices of Christ (often associated with John Calvin) and referred to them throughout the course. Priest. Prophet. King. For Hebrews, as most of you know, the primary office is priest, but king is prominent as well.

For one of the lessons, I used the following video from Fr. Robert Barron, and the class really enjoyed it. It is part of a video curriculum created by Fr. Barron (see on the offices of Christ. The production quality is excellent.

As far as I can tell, he has his whole presentation memorized — no manuscript and no notes!


  1. Fr. Barron speaks well here. I’m fond of the term ‘align’; a verb that I encounter consistently when reading Barth. Especially in regards to our alignment {or even better our realignment/reorientation} to God’s ‘commanded orientation’ and His own alignment for, with and towards us. A solid message for advent.

    • Yes, I like language of alignment as well — and, more generally, the cosmic/cosmos framework which Catholics tend to do particularly well.

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