Beautiful War

I was transfixed while watching this:

“Beautiful War,” Kings of Leon, from the album, Mechanical Bull



  1. Riveting, yes, but wrong ending, which should be tragic: don’t you think the bull should have trampled the dude to death?

    When I hold
    The warmth of your body,
    There is nobody
    That I’d rather hold,
    Shattered and cold.

    • Good observation — I didn’t catch the “shattered and cold” line. The prior verse — “tip of your tongue / top of your lungs” and the opening “bite your tongue” — indicates an argument. So, we have quarreling lovers, but the “shattered and cold” line could indicate something tragic…beyond the imprisonment and the tragedy with the brother. Of course, I doubt that KOL cared to have the video follow the song that precisely.

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