Interview with Oliver Crisp on Deviant Calvinism


Ref21, the online magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, has posted an interview with Oliver Crisp on his new book, Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology.

“An Interview with Oliver Crisp,” Mark McDowell

UPDATE 10/23: Christianity Today has also published an interview with Professor Crisp.

One example of this broadening of Reformed theology (or, more accurately, recognizing its original breadth) has been the doctrine of “hypothetical universalism,” expressed by some prominent Reformed divines of the 16th and 17th centuries. It was considered a legitimate variant within Reformed orthodoxy of this period. Richard Muller’s historical work is best known in this regard. Now, J. V. Fesko at Westminster California has written a concurring report in his latest book, The Theology of the Westminster Standards.

David Ponter has been documenting these matters for quite some time. He has provided us with a large excerpt from Fesko’s book: “J.V. Fesko on Hypothetical Universalism and the Westminster Confession and Synod of Dort.” At the end of the excerpt, Ponter offers corrections to some of the details in Fesko’s account.

Peter Leithart has blogged about Crisp’s book, where he highlights the discussion of hypothetical universalism. Paul Helm has a helpful review, also at Ref21.


And while I’m providing links, I also want to point-out two excellent responses to Rachel Held Evans, to whom I wrote a brief response a couple days ago.

“Do Christians Still Sacrifice Their Children?: A Response to Rachel Held Evans” by Lee Wyatt

“Abraham, Cultural Distance, and Offering Up Our Moral Conscience” by Derek Rishmawy

Thanks to Jon Coutts for directing me to Wyatt’s piece.


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