Bill Cosby versus Victoria Osteen

August 31, 2014

Love it:

HT: Creedal Christian


6 Responses to “Bill Cosby versus Victoria Osteen”

  1. Joel said

    Wow – if I didn’t know better, I would think this is satire!

    • Kevin Davis said

      Yeah, at this point Joel Osteen is a caricature of himself, and apparently his wife is no different. I was actually telling some friends of mine a couple years ago that it would be impossible to satirize Osteen. He is his own satire.

      • Joel said

        Years ago, I visited a community group at a church in Raleigh. One girl there said “my brother isn’t a believer and is intellectually-minded, any books I could give him?” Just as a joke, I said “Joel Osteen.”

        The whole room went totally silent and just stared at me for at least ten seconds until I said “I’m kidding!”

      • Kevin Davis said

        Ha, I can definitely see that happening.

  2. David said

    that is wrong what Victoria Osteen said about not to follow GOd but to love your self with out God and the say Lean not upon your own understanding. hello where and what is wrong with this woman is she not a Christian? What kind of trash is coming out of her mouth, psalms 1 —1 through 6 read it and you will see what i mean,

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