What Killed the Romantic Comedy?

July 11, 2014

With the vacation last week and several commitments over the next few weeks, the blogging here will continue to be slow — probably until August. In the meantime, I may pass along the occasional article of interest, like so:

“What Killed the Romantic Comedy?” by Rachel Lu (University of St. Thomas)


5 Responses to “What Killed the Romantic Comedy?”

  1. Joel said

    Have you seen Billy Wilder’s The Apartment? Now there’s a movie where adultery is normal! It’s great though.

    I’m not really an “old movies are always better” guy, but the “screwball comedies” of the studio era and a few later revivals like What’s Up Doc (a hilarious and overlooked movie) really were a lot better than contemporary romcoms.

    • Kevin Davis said

      I’ve seen several of Wilder’s movies — Double Indemnity, Sabrina, Seven Year Itch, Witness for the Prosecution, and probably others — and I liked them all. But I have never seen The Apartment. I just checked Netflix and they are streaming it, so I’ll have to watch it sometime soon.

      I’m a big fan of the classic screwball comedies. Carole Lombard is one of my favorite actresses.

      • Joel said

        Yes, he’s one of my favorite directors. If you like Double Indemnity, you’ll probably like Sunset Boulevard and Ace in the Hole (just be ready for some brutal cynicism, especially with Ace). One Two Three is good wacky fun.

  2. Rod said

    Thanks for sharing this. In a nutshell: there is greatness here.

  3. Dora said

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