“I can’t sit down…

…for I just got to heaven, and I got to walk around.”

Here is Kenny and Amanda Smith Band, with a choice selection by yours truly, from their album, Tell Someone, which is full of gospel bluegrass goodness:

They will be playing at the Red, White, and Bluegrass Festival this year in the foothills of North Carolina, followed by Ricky Skaggs. It doesn’t get better than that. Kenny Smith is a longtime bluegrass guitarist, much respected in the field.

Kenny and Amanda Smith Band


    • I also get my fill of classic rock, nearly on a daily basis. We have two classic rock stations here in Charlotte, and both are excellent. They are the only tolerable stations in Charlotte. We are in desperate need of a classic country/folk/bluegrass station. On Sundays, I stream online WBRF from Galax, VA, since they play gospel country and bluegrass all day on Sundays:


      In the evenings on weekdays, they do bluegrass. WSM in Nashville is also worth checking out, since they cover every era of country music history.

      • You would think, since we are also the heart of NASCAR country — but no, we don’t. A classic country station would do well. I routinely hear complaints about the “party country” of recent years. It says something about the current state of country music when Tim McGraw’s early material from the 90’s sounds super-country and super-twangy compared to today’s hits, including McGraw’s own recent singles.

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