Love precedes Truth

More accurately, Love equals Truth, and I should give this equation some Christian content — but you’ll have to cut me some slack. In the order of knowing, Love precedes Truth. This was the insight that drew me to Cardinal Newman’s beautiful work years ago. So, it is appropriate that I was reminded of this while viewing the conversion story of Jennifer Fulwiler, former atheist and now Roman Catholic. Her story/life was given the reality TV show treatment for a Catholic station, and here is the overview:

“Suddenly I was surrounded by life.” I encourage you to watch the full episodes: one, two, and three.

Her book, Something Other Than God, was released this week.



  1. Cool. Although the critical part of me nudges me to think “sure, anyone would become a catholic if they got their own reality TV show”…:p I don’t think that, just saying that discounters might come out en masse and apply the internet armchair activists “ad hominem” to this one.

    • The reality TV thing came later. And even then, this is a small Catholic network — hardly mainstream.

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