Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

Here is a lovely little rendition of a favorite hymn, from Give Us Rest by David Crowder Band:

Against the malady of cookie-cutter praise music in the 00’s, I really enjoyed David Crowder Band, even if the quality was somewhat inconsistent on any given album — though A Collision is nearly perfect. His love for Christ was matched by a thoughtful approach to worship, full of creativity and wonder. I am glad to see that his first solo album is due next month: Neon Steeple.


  1. ‘A Collision’, ‘Church Music’ & ‘Give us Rest’ is in my opinion their best work. They/he seem to fill a serious theological gap with an original and edgy musical dynamic missing in a lot of ‘Worship music’ around atm. Ergo I wouldn’t categorise them as ‘cookie-cutter’, although I get what you mean. Here’s hoping they continue to make the art and theology a focus, not just sales. Alongside David Crowder, ‘The Digitial Age’ (the *B in DC*B) is also worth checking out.

    • I meant in contrast to “cookie-cutter.” I changed “amidst” to “against” in order to clarify. I meant to say that, even though they were amidst the formulaic praise movement, they were set apart…albeit with the occasional formulaic song.

      It took longer for Church Music to grow on me, but that is often a good thing. I will be sure to check-out The Digital Age.

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