Presbyterian tobacco


Oh yes, there is a Presbyterian tobacco blend! And it is fantastic, in my completely unbiased opinion. You can listen to a podcast review of the blend from Country Squire Radio, with some Calvinist jokes for good measure. If your local tobacconist does not have any, you should shame them and then purchase it from McCranie’s.



  1. I tuned in anticipating an unexpected, indeed radical endorsement for Calvinists – or at least Barthians – smoking dope. Instead I get an advert for a carcinogenic. What a disappointment. 😉

    • It has a strong smell when you open the can, but it smokes incredibly smooth. I get headaches if the blend is too strong — yeah, I’m a wuss — but I had no problems.

    • Indeed. I also recommend the Southern Cream blend from McCranie’s, for those who like mellow without it being too boring. I’ve never seen it at any other tobacco shop. Sweet Savannah is also good.

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