Paul Molnar in Charlotte


Paul Molnar will be giving our spring lectures in Charlotte. Since Molnar is a Roman Catholic, I have a ton of important questions to ask him:

Have you ever driven the popemobile?

How on earth has Karl Barth not convinced you of the sublimity of the Reformed faith?

How many indulgences do you have?

Is Mary as pretty as Botticelli depicts her?

If I’m feeling astute, I may ask about the analogia entis. Seriously, Molnar is a fine scholar, working within the dogmatic traditions of both Catholic and Protestant theology. The lectures are on Sunday, Feb 24, and Monday, Feb 25. They are free! The title is, “Karl Barth and the Importance of Thinking Theologically within the Nicene Faith.” If you are in or around the Carolinas, or even (heaven forbid) up North, you are very welcome. Our world-famous Southern hospitality is completely true, not that I’m biased or anything.


Paul Molnar


    • Ah, Savannah, very nice.

      We also have the official NASCAR museum — just to make it more tempting. 🙂

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