Looking Back!


As we come to the close of another year in God’s grace, it is time to review the content of this blog. This is surely one of the most varied of all my blogging years. Many thanks to my readers and those random visitors from Google searches! By the way, if you would like to subscribe to the blog, alongside other blogs, I recommend feedly.com as a feed reader.

Here is a recap of 2013:

Gender and Theology series

1. Introduction

2. Serene Jones and Feminist Theory

3. Karl Barth on Man and Woman

4. Implications for the Homosexuality Debate

5. Implications for Women’s Ordained Ministry (Charlotte von Kirschbaum)

Transubstantiation in Thomas Aquinas

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Doctrine of God

The Self-Imposed Suffering of God

Barth and the “Fellowship” in the Trinity

Subordination in God, modal not personal


Charles Finney – the fount of all our ills

J. W. Nevin – the antidote

Thoughts on Pietism

Evangelical Issues

Hearing Her Voice

One Advantage of the Scots Confession

The Worldview Culprit

Maturity and Protestant Options

Historical Adam and Biblical Inspiration

Beyond Chicago – finding a better evangelical hermeneutic

Mark Noll on Why Young Earth is Suicidal

ECO Presbyterian

Denomination Update

ECO Theology

The New Confessional Protestants

Prayers or Death Knell?


Balthasar and Sacred Architecture

Rosaria Butterfield

Roman Catholic Predictions

Barth and Philosophy

Schweitzer on Bach as “objective art”

Human Sacrifice in Norse Religion

The Confidence of Rome

Keller on Common Grace

Apologetics Overkill

Nimmo on Schleiermacher

Consistent Radical Feminism

Oh Dear!

Review: Liberation by James Cone

John Webster video lectures

Post-Protestant? A Response

Calvin’s Luther Moment

Calvin on the Sacraments

19th Century German Theology

Hiking with Barth

Is Christ Offensive? (On Kierkegaard)

Schleiermacher and Barth

The Torment of Beauty (Simone Weil)

Roger Scruton on Postmodernism

Marian Faith (Francesca Murphy)

“Love On”?

John Leith Audio Lectures

MLK on Creative Nonconformity

John Frame’s Odd Criticism of Barth

Erotic Ascent in Plato’s Symposium

The Anti-Art of 20th Century Art


Of Monsters and Men, “Little Talks”

Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill, “How Great Thou Art”

George Jones, Requiescat in Pace

Holly Williams, “Drinkin'”

Whiskey Myers, “Ballad of a Southern Man”

Whiskey Myers, “Virginia”

The Creative Freedom of Early Country Music

Lindi Ortega at the Dakota Tavern

Bach’s Ricercare à 6

Julie Roberts, “Daddy Doesn’t Pray”

The Gaslight Anthem, “Handwritten”



  1. I stumbled onto your blog. I love your probing searching mind. I have been a Roman Catholic all my life and a great follower of the Jesuits esp. here in Washington DC. You can match their thinking any day. I love reading your blog. Hopefully you will continue. Mb.

    Sent from my iPad


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