Alright, final papers and exams are finally over! Per usual, I neglect the blog during such moments of intense creative output — also known as procrastination. Sadly, I am far more creative in the final 24-hour period of a deadline, truly brilliant even, but this is a gift conducive toward short essays, not books or anything substantive. I’ll have to hone my skills over a longer period of time. I need a taskmaster…or a pretty assistant like Charlotte von Kirschbaum. Whichever, preferably the latter.

During my breaks from solving the world’s existential problems, I discovered a band that all the kids have already discovered — The Gaslight Anthem. They have a great sense for what rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to sound like. Joyful and life-affirming. The lead singer has a fantastic voice too. Here is a sample:

You should also check-out “Here Comes My Man,” which proves once-and-for-all that Elisha Cuthbert should be in every music video. Another favorite, “Bring It On” is a good example of their overall punk-meets-Springsteen sound. They are from New Jersey after all.


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