Daddy Doesn’t Pray

This is why I love country music:

Julie Roberts is the first new artist to sign with the legendary Sun Records in over forty years (CW article). This is from her latest album, Good Wine & Bad Decisions.



    • There’s nothing like country music at its best — interestingly, it is the women-folk who are doing it far better today than the guys (Ashley Monroe, Brandy Clark, Lindi Ortega, Pistol Annies, etc.).

  1. With the awful state pop/rock music is in now (Most of the good mainstream rock left is made by people in their 50s or older, and it’s not worth digging through the overhyped stuff to find the few interesting indie ones), I have been getting more and more into the rootsy genres, which seem vibrant within to this day.

    More blues for me, but I like authentic country as well.

    • And blues is at the foundation of early country. Hank Williams was called “white man’s blues.”

      By the way, for those who like blues, the Albert King station on Pandora is especially good.

      • Thanks for the videos, Joel. I liked the first two…not so much the Cooder song (musically). A similar song (thematically and musically) is Ryan Bingham’s ‘Dollar a Day’:

      • Cooder song isn’t as good as the others, yeah, and he’s so eclectic that it’s hard to pick a song that really represents him.

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