Recent books of interest

September 16, 2013


Here are some of the latest releases in systematic theology (or of related interest):

The Westminster Handbook to Karl Barth, ed. Richard Burnett (Erskine Seminary). Contributors include: Eberhard Busch, Christophe Chalamet, Martin Hailer, Trevor Hart, Kevin Hector, I. John Hesselink, George Hunsinger, Darrell Guder, Paul Dafydd Jones, Wolf Krötke, Joseph Mangina, Paul Nimmo, Bruce McCormack, Paul Molnar, Amy Plantinga Pauw, Gerhard Sauter, Katherine Sonderegger, Francis Watson, John Webster, and many others.

The God of the Gospel: Robert Jenson’s Trinitarian Theology, Scott Swain (Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando). I have read the first chapter, and it looks very promising.

Awaiting God: A new translation of Attente de Dieu and Lettre a un Religieux, Simone Weil, translated by Bradley Jersak and with a new introduction by Sylvie Weil, novelist and niece of Simone Weil.

Simone Weil and Theology, Rebecca Rozelle-Stone and Lucian Stone (both at University of North Dakota)

Church Doctrine: Volume 1: Canon, Paul McGlasson (First Presbyterian Church of Sullivan, Indiana). This is the first of a projected five volumes.

Self, World, and Time: Ethics as Theology, volume 1, Oliver O’Donovan (University of Edinburgh)

Schleiermacher: A Guide for the Perplexed, Theodore Vial (Iliff School of Theology)

The Theology of the Heidelberg Catechism: A Reformation Synthesis, Lyle Bierma (Calvin Theological Seminary)

Karl Barth’s Emergency Homiletic, 1932-1933, Angela Dienhart Hancock (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)

The Catholicity of Reason, D. C. Schindler (Villanova University). This is a significant contribution to the Roman Catholic series, Ressourcement, published by Eerdmans.




Analogia Entis: Metaphysics: Original Structure and Universal Rhythm, Erich Przywara (1889–1972). Finally translated!

God’s Presence: A Contemporary Recapitulation of Early Christianity, Frances Young (University of Birmingham)

God, Sexuality, and the Self: An Essay ‘On the Trinity’, Sarah Coakley (University of Cambridge)

Justification and the Gospel: Understanding the Contexts and Controversies, R. Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary)

Justification Reconsidered: Rethinking a Pauline Theme, Stephen Westerholm (McMaster University)

The Question of Canon, Michael Kruger (Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte). Kruger has been doing some important work relating his training in NT text criticism to the dogmatic category of canonicity.


Simone Weil:

Beauty is the supreme mystery in this world. It is a brilliance that attracts attention but gives it no motive to stay. Beauty is always promising and never gives anything; it creates a hunger but has in it no food for the part of the soul that tries here below to be satisfied; it has food only for the part of the soul that contemplates. It creates desire, and it makes it clearly felt that there is nothing in it [beauty] to be desired, because one insists above all that nothing about it change. If one does not seek out measures by which to escape from the delicious torment inflicted by it, desire is little by little transformed into love, and a seed of the faculty of disinterested and pure attention is created.

(Écrits de Londres et dernières lettres, Paris: Gallimard, 1957, p. 37; translation by Rush Rhees, in Discussions of Simone Weil, p. 32)

That is a perfect encapsulation of Weil’s philosophy, which is always theology as well.