It took long enough to have a translation of the Bible in my own tongue:

New Bible app

Seriously, this is a great idea! The South has rightly corrected the English language to include a you-plural contraction. If the Yanks were so smart, they would have done this long ago!

This calls for some celebration:




  1. Well you have “Youse Guys” and “Yinz” in the North, though those are isolate phenomena.

    You ever read the Cottonpatch Gospels? They’re a Southern paraphrase, and pretty powerful. Symbols are traded for power: crucified is replaced with lynching, whites for jews, blacks for gentiles. As a psuedo-Southerner (because Maryland is not the south, or north, or anything but Maryland), I appreciate it.

    • Interesting, I came across the Cottonpatch Gospels in a box of books donated to our seminary, but I had no idea what it was. I’ll look into it.

  2. In seminary, I tried to convince my elitist Northeastern friends that having the Texan second person plural brought both clarity and warmth to Bible translations. They were, sadly, unwilling to cede this point. Thus (imo) they remained among the starchy unwashed.


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