Ulster Presbyterians

First Presbyterian Church - New Bern, NC

The BBC has produced a documentary on Ulster Presbyterians, which is available (for now) on YouTube:

An Independent People (the playlist is on the right)

It is three episodes, an hour each. I am in the middle of watching it now, and so far it is very good. It is accurate (though lacking in some nuances) and rather respectful, which is not to be taken for granted! And the production is well-done. You should email the link to any Presbyterians, especially Scots or Scotch-Irish, that you know. I wish that I could claim descent, but I am from Welsh ancestry — which is still Celtic and, therefore, superior to the English!

Here is the first episode:

To increase the video quality, click on the “sprocket” logo in the bottom right corner.


Image: First Presbyterian Church in New Bern, North Carolina. The Scotch-Irish brought Presbyterianism to much of the Carolinas, though New Bern was settled originally (as the name indicates) by German-speaking Swiss.


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