Schleiermacher series


Chris Donato has completed a fine little series on Friedrich Schleiermacher:

1. More Than a Feeling

2. More Than a Feeling: Gefühl

3. More Than a Feeling: The Hypostatic Union

4. More Than a Feeling: Restatement

5. More Than a Feeling: Response

6. More Than a Feeling: The Death of God?

I have yet to read every post, but it looks like a great introduction to Schleiermacher, with whom every responsible theologian is required to be familiar.



  1. Thanks, Kevin! While my focus in this series lands heavily on FS’s critique of the hypostatic union, I’d be happy to know it could serve as a solid introduction to FS.

    Also looking for any criticisms of my response, so should you read it and find me missing the mark, do tell . . .

    • I like it as an introduction — since you’re demonstrating the systematic relation of a prior methodological decision (gefühl), instead of just introducing gefühl itself.

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