Rosaria Butterfield

January 19, 2013

It is not very often that you hear a conversion story of a feminist-lesbian professor, at a major research university, who converts to evangelical Christianity and marries a Reformed Presbyterian pastor. I’m especially heartened that her talk is filled with obvious integrity, warmth, and intelligence. Here it is:

I really appreciate her comments (beginning at the 53 minute mark) that Christians need to be willing to learn from those outside the church — not pretending that we are the only ones who “have the goods” to offer to others; instead, “we need to be willing to be in a reciprocal relationship with people who scare us, and we need to be willing to really think through whether we are scared for good reasons or whether we just have been telling each other a bunch of ghost stories.”


2 Responses to “Rosaria Butterfield”

  1. Christopher said

    Thanks for posting this. My wife and I enjoyed it, very enlightening.

  2. […] In the meantime there are a number of reviews on the internet (see here, here, here, here and here). […]

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