Of Monsters and Men

It’s nice to hear Of Monsters and Men getting considerable airplay. As I am always propagating music in order to make the world a better place, here you go:

This is live from the KEXP studio in Seattle. Click here for the official music video.

In order to change the video quality, click the sprocket on the lower right.




  1. Speaking of music, have you heard Dylan’s Tempest yet? It was a big disappointment for me at first, but it’s grown on me a lot (at least the first eight tracks – the last two aren’t good).

    • No, I have yet to venture into any of Dylan’s more recent material. The latest Dylan album that I have is Blood on the Tracks (1975). But, I’m sure that I’ll eventually get around to Tempest.

      • Well, it’s mostly pretty solid but hardly one of his best albums. If you’re not familiar with anything later than Blood on the Tracks, there are a lot I would reccommend ahead of it.

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