Sarah Coakley, 2012 Gifford Lectures

I happily discovered today that Aberdeen has posted the video for Sarah Coakley’s Gifford Lectures. They are immensely stimulating, as usual with Professor Coakley. Here are the links:

17th April – Stories of Evolution, Stories of Sacrifice

19th April – Cooperation, alias Altruism: Game Theory and Evolution Reconsidered

24th April – Ethics, Cooperation and Human Motivation: Assessing the Project of Evolutionary Ethics

26th April – Ethics, Cooperation and the Gender Wars: Prospects for a New Asceticism


If you would like to download the videos, is an easy way to do so.


  1. I’m going to have to sit down and watch these eventually. I have the first lecutre as a poorly-formatted PDF on my nook, and despite the terrible format it was pretty interesting.

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