Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition

Until I find the time to actually do a substantive post, I will just continue pointing-out stuff like this:

CBD has a great deal on Living Beyond the Word: Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition, ed. Paul Corby Finney (Eerdmans, 1998). It’s currently only $9.99. It’s a very nice volume, with a variety of essays and great illustrations throughout, similar to a coffee table book. For those interested in the topic of Reformed aesthetics, I really enjoyed William Dyrness’ Reformed Theology and Visual Culture. For theological aesthetics in general, you obviously must go to Hans Urs von Balthasar’s The Glory of the Lord.

If you are buying from CBD, you should also check-out Lesslie Newbigin’s Signs amid the Rubble at only $2.99. I’ve never read it, but it’s Newbigin — he’s only ever amazing.



  1. ‘Signs Amid the Rubble’ …thanks for the tip, Kevin.
    At that price, even I can afford it :0).

    Have you read Ellul’s ‘Humiliation of the Word’?
    I’m not a Calvinist, but I find it very forthright & stimulating.

    • No, I’ve never read anything by Ellul. I’m sure that’s a gap in my reading I need to fix.

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