The Civil War

I thoroughly enjoyed the cover article for the most recent issue of Time Magazine, “Why We’re Still Fighting the Civil War.”

South Carolina born and North Carolina bred, I naturally received the sympathetic interpretation of the Southern cause. Frankly, I’m still sympathetic, trying as much as I can to situate myself in the time and context. But, as the article illustrates, everyone knew that slavery was the central issue of contention, and slavery was the driving engine for confederate independence and economic solvency. Still, with over 600,000 dead (!), it’s hard to justify the war and the abolitionists who precipitated it, along with Southern arrogance. I’m now anxious to read this book in the Library of America series.

Image: “Charge at Trevilian Station” by Mort Künstler


One comment

  1. Yes, I grew up in Texas and received the sympathetic interpretation as well. On my great grandfather’s grave marker there is inscribed “Company F 10th Infantry C.S.A.”

    Slavery cannot be justified, but it’s equally hard to justify 600,000 deaths.

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