North Carolina superlatives!

You gotta love the opening sentences in this history of Presbyterians in North Carolina, written in 1886. As a proud North Carolinian, I always knew that we were awesome.

North Carolina was settled by men “of gentle tempers, of serene minds, enemies to violence and bloodshed.” These noble pioneers were the freest of the free, some of them doubtless escaping severe restraints and unholy brutalities; and in their new homes of balmy airs and virgin beauty, they diffused gentle charities as richly as the flowers on their smiling savannahs, while they grew strong and sang in the manly vigor of a muscular and benevolent independence.



  1. Nice photo of NC, I was there a very long time ago. We used to drive down from Wash DC for Easter and visit two generations of aunts and uncles on a chicken farm. Uncle Esly was still driving wagon with a team which was decidedly out style but Esly was an old man and not easily move from his convictions. My 93yo Mother told a few days ago that Esly refused to raise tobacco which made him kind outsider in the community.

    • I know a lot of Southern Baptists in N.C. who are still decidedly against tobacco and are not proud of N.C.’s tobacco heritage.

  2. Great quote! As a native of Virginia, but a current resident of NC, I think and hope it can still be said that the state is inhabited by men of gentle tempers and serene minds, and plenty of manly, muscular independence in which to sing.

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