David Torrance on antecedent forgiveness

December 11, 2010

In this video interview, David Torrance draws out the pastoral implications of unconditional atonement. As I like to remind others, good dogmatics is intrinsically practical.


7 Responses to “David Torrance on antecedent forgiveness”

  1. I’m working through T.F.’s Atonement at the moment.
    A good work for preachers to study.

  2. Bobby Grow said


    Thanks for sharing this link.

  3. Kevin Davis said

    I hope to read Incarnation and Atonement some time next year.

  4. I’ve got ‘Incarnation’ on order.
    They’ve got them on special down here, which means prices are prabably equivalent to US$ :0). You wouldn’t believe how expensive books are here normally :0(

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