“Our God”

Chris Tomlin’s latest album was released this week. Here is the lead track:

By the way, the guy who does the review for the album, Kevin R. Davis, is actually not me. We just happen to have the same first and last name, and he reviews all the same Christian albums that I like.



  1. We sing this at church. I must admit, I have qualms about the chorus and the bridge; it comes across as too strident, and dare I say it, anti-certain other religions that confess that God is Great. The music is a bit Top Gun too.
    Am I over-reacting?

    • I love Top Gun. I can even play the theme song on my guitar!

      The song is very typical of past Tomlin songs: take a line from Scripture and repeat it a lot, with exultation about God’s greatness thrown in at several points. In this case, the line from Scripture is, “If our God is for us, who can be against us” (Rom. 8:31). So, anything about other religions is foreign to the passage, except by way of implication. It’s an exhortation for building faith and hope in the work of God in our lives. As an exhortation, the ascending bridge-to-chorus is appropriate musically. As for, “Our God is stronger…higher than any other,” that does indicate superiority over other (false) gods, which is just straight from the Old Testament. In the context of the song, I think Tomlin is more concerned about discouragement from other persons and the influence of Satan, not about other religions.

      Of course, I would say that other religions obviously do not confess that God is great in the same way (the true way) that Christians confess.

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