Worship, old and new

Not surprisingly — as a member of the small minority of theo-bloggers who actually appreciates a lot of contemporary praise and worship — I really liked this “rant” by Jeremy Pierce. I tried once, in a combox, to make the same arguments against Scott Clark and his psalms-only, strict version of the RPW. Despite the obvious non sequitur at the heart of the psalms-only regulation, I was not successful in winning Dr. Clark over to my side.



  1. Thanks! I actually think my point counts as much against those in favor of contemporary worship as it does those who argue for more traditional approaches (e.g. psalms only, hymns only, etc.). It’s more against a kind of argument than against any particular view.

    • Yep, I figured that you would want to take it in any direction, though I think it would be more difficult to apply it in the opposite direction.

  2. Point 5 and some different ways I could have worded some of the others (but still used the same form) would have corresponded to arguments people use against hymns.

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