Sweet justice!

In the 91st minute, USA scores their second goal but the only “official” goal of the match, advancing to the round of 16 and winning their group!



  1. I was furious most of the match (after Dempsey’s goal was denied) and then completely elated, jumping up and down.

  2. I was watching at work and discovered that I can leap over my desk!

    FIFA needs to get a hold on this refereeing. It’s almost obvious that they don’t want us in the running.

  3. Congrats & well done, USA.
    All the best for the next round.

    Alas, we (Australia) didn’t make it to the next round, although we recovered some dignity after our 4-0 loss to Germany with a draw against Ghana and a 2-1 win over Serbia, our first victory over a European team at the World Cup. New Zealand did better than us, remaining undefeated, although with three draws they didn’t have enough points to progress either. Still, it’s great to see non-traditional soccer nations like the US, NZ and us doing so well.

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