The Bible as “the canon of the covenant of grace” (Horton)

The latest episode of the White Horse Inn, “The Origin of Scripture,” should be of interest to those who, like me, have been thinking through the issue of canon and ecclesiology. In the opening monologue, Michael Horton has some great things to say about the canon (of Scripture) as the constitution of God’s covenant, through which the Church recognizes both her salvation and the rule of God. As such, the priority is given to the broader paradigm of God’s freedom to make a people unto himself. Here are Horton’s final comments from the monologue:

A covenant is like a constitution, and the kingdom of God is never a democracy or a hierarchy of earthly rulers. It’s a monarchy of the Triune God who saves and rules by his Word. This Word is both the means of grace that creates this people out of nothing and is also the rule for faith and practice of this same kingdom. The Word that saves also rules. The same Word by which Christ brings his Church into existence is the Word by which the Good Shepherd keeps it under his protection.



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