The joy of children

Last week, David Crowder Band came through town, and, of course, I attended. One of my favorite moments from the night was watching three little girls, in the row in front of us, dancing and singing along with the songs — especially during Crowder’s awesome hoedown versions of “I Saw the Light” and “I’ll Fly Away”! You’ll never see girls more free, more joyful, more beautiful than what I saw that night. Naturally, I make the connection between this joy and the joy given to us by our Father in heaven, as we are born anew as his children. It wasn’t just the music that made these girls happy; their moms were, as far as I could tell, strong women of faith with a fervent piety. Such parents provide a context of freedom for their children. Their love and care allows the children to trust without fear, to live without worry. The concert was just one moment of exuberance in an already joyful life.  Eventually these girls will become “independent” and turn their attention toward their own resources (or ability to acquire resources) for their health and happiness. They no longer need their parents, and the worries of adulthood are accepted as the cost of attaining a freedom that is in our control. For the Christian, the temptation is to no longer need our Father in heaven. Yet, the sonship that we inherit with our Savior is the grace we need to live again as children. That is what children teach us. Just as a child can fully repose in the love of a parent, so can the sons and daughters of our Father who numbers the hairs on our head. We are children of a King who lacks nothing and gives us everything that belongs to the Son, Jesus Christ!

For your pleasure, here is DC*B performing Hank Williams’ “I Saw the Light”:


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