Karl Barth books for cheap

I’m not getting paid by CBD to promote this, but I should get paid!

CBD has a couple excellent resources on Karl Barth for ridiculous prices:

Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology: Convergences and Divergences by Sung Wook Chung, editor (Baker, 2006), $3.99 (retail $32)

Karl Barth & the Pietists: The Young Karl Barth’s Critique of Pietism & Its Response by Eberhard Busch (IVP, 2004), $6.99 (retail $27)

While you are at it, you should get The Best of A. W. Tozer (2 volumes). Also, Ruth Graham’s nice little book, A Legacy of Faith: Things I Learned from My Father, is only $3.99.



  1. I hate almost to mention this, but CBD also has the complete dogamatics of Karl Barth, 14 volumes, on sale for $99. It is most dangerous to the credit card to read theology blogs.

  2. Another followup, on buying books. The other thing to remember is that nowadays with the internet and amazon and other sites, it is much easier for the poor theologian or pastor to find used book “bargains”. You can find from time to time multi volume sets, such as TDINT and others used at good prices. No doubt similar for Barth.

  3. Last I checked, CBD also had dropped the price of the new paperback CD to $350. I think the footnote translations and the new typeface are probably worth the extra money. I’m currently going through the CD with the new paperback set, and I honestly cannot imagine not having the translations…and the digital typeface is just icing on the cake.

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