Elmer Colyer, Alan Torrance, and other awesome theologians on video!

So, Jason has posted the link for a video of Alan Torrance on the Incarnation, grace, and godly living. The video is done by a denomination that I’ve never heard of: Grace Communion International, formerly known as The Worldwide Church of God, which I had also never heard of. It turns out that they were a fairly wacky denomination but then became orthodox by studying and affirming the doctrine of the Trinity and the evangelical doctrine of Atonement. They are now a member of the National Association of Evangelicals. Pretty awesome.

Just as awesome: they have several videos of top-notch theologians talking about a wide variety of topics, but almost all the discussions are related to the Trinity and the Incarnation and how this affects everything. I highly enjoyed this interview with Dr. Elmer Colyer, expert on T. F. Torrance, talking about predestination. Colyer is a very articulate defender of the Barth-Torrance line on the doctrine of Election.



  1. Thanks Kevin. Just got through viewing the interview with Dr. Coyler. Very high quality. And BTW, yes, the Worldwide Church of God was fairly wacky. I believe Herbert Amrstrong was their leader. Some of the professors at Fuller Seminary had an instrumental role in bringing the leaders back into orthodox Christianity. The WWCOG was headquartered in Pasadena, CA, home as well of Fuller.

    • As a former WCG member, I can attest that they were ‘fairly wacky’, to say the least. Anti-trinitarian, dispensationalist, 7th day sabbatarian, abstinence from pork/shellfish, no Easter/Christmas, and an overwhelming interest in ‘end-time prophecy’ were just a few of items on our theological menu. I lived through the change from cult to evangelical church, though not without a few bruises. I must say I’m glad to see the new iteration of the WCG giving air time to such prominent theologians.

      I didn’t know about the Fuller connection with WCG, but I did know that many of the men in charge of the WCG in the 90s took classes at Azusa Pacific University (where my transcript from the two years I spent at the WCG college resides). I always wished that the new WCG hadn’t just started another denomination, but I guess it’s hard to overcome the non-denominational bias in the end.

      Thanks for this post.

  2. That’s fascinating to learn about the Fuller connection. Now the Barth-Torrance influence makes sense, since folks like Paul Jewett did a lot to promote neo-orthodox/neo-evangelical viewpoints at Fuller.

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