Markus Barth audio (on baptism)

If you haven’t already seen it, Matthew (from NT Perspectives) has posted the audio links to four lectures by Markus Barth on baptism. I’ve listened through them twice now. Lots of food for thought, especially the second and third lectures. As many of you already know, Markus follows his father, Karl, in rejecting any sort of “high” sacramental view of baptism. As such, Oscar Cullmann comes under some criticism, as does the Scottish Commission (influenced by T. F. Torrance) that re-asserted, contra Karl Barth, the traditional Reformed view of baptism. Especially interesting was his criticism, in the third lecture, of the Lutheran higher critics who used a syncretist hermeneutic, vis-à-vis the surrounding mystery cults, to affirm a supposedly Pauline high sacramentalism (i.e., baptism as a means of salvation).


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