Francis Chan

Normally, I couldn’t care less about young, charismatic, hyper-extroverted, hip, West Coast preachers — which Francis Chan totally is — but it seems that he actually read his Bible, with humility. This is what mega-churchianity looks like when it apprehends obedience.



  1. kind of late seeing this article. I’m sorry, but your short comments, though seemingly positive about the article on Chan’s radical faith, actually seems very condescending. You said that he, “actually reads his bible.” That reeks of spiritual pride to the average reader. You comment implies all other charismatic type, extrovert, hip, west coast preachers don’t read their Bibles (and of course you do read yours and apparently much better than all of them. Are we to suppose you know all of them that intimately?

    Maybe you were just joking. Might ask yourself about that. Might ask God about that.

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