Hear, O Israel

“Hear, O Israel” and “Come, People of the Risen King”

by Keith & Kristyn Getty, from Awaken the Dawn (2009)



    • You’re welcome. The rest of the album, and their prior debut album, is very similar — soft rock, celtic musical accents, and hymn-like lyrics.

  1. Kevin,
    Have you given Bifrost a shot? I heard of them in the recent CT and just downloaded their album today and find it pretty good. I’d be interested in your thoughts.
    Also, a friend of mine and I are going to attempt something that we will never finish. Reading Church Dogmatics 5 pages at a time and blogging about it. I doubt you would have time to follow along with us, but it would be helpful to have someone to correct any major mis-characterizations I might make as we read it.
    grace and peace

    • No, I haven’t heard Bifrost. I’ll check them out.

      I’m actually reading through the CD as well. I’m still in the first volume (of the new 31 volume paperback set). I’ve read large exerts of the CD before, and several of his smaller works, but it is truly exciting to go through it from the beginning. I’ve subscribed to your blog, so you should post any interesting portions and thoughts as you are reading. I’m currently also reading Joseph Mangina’s Karl Barth, which contexualizes Barth vis-a-vis some major subsequent theologians (Henri de Lubac, Robert Jenson, etc.) and the various readings of Barth today (e.g., the postmodern abuse — err, appropriation — of Barth).

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