‘Invitation to Dogmatic Theology’ for $2

Invitation to Dogmatic Theology

I recently noticed that CBD has reduced the price of Paul McGlasson’s Invitation to Dogmatic Theology: A Canonical Approach (Baker 2006). It is now two bucks! You have no excuse not to purchase. As the title indicates, this is an introductory survey of dogmatic theology, with special emphasis on the canon of Scripture’s authority in theology. You will see a lot of influence by Karl Barth and Brevard Childs, who writes the foreword.

While you’re shopping, CBD has Sara Grove’s Nomad documentary for $2.99. You can watch the trailer here. Also, Audio Adrenaline’s Until My Heart Caves In is only $1.99. It includes one of their best singles, “King.”



  1. Amazing, I’m buying this now. I recently got hold of his Canon and Proclamation, which I’m also looking forward to reading in more depth. Oddly enough, despite Childs’ endorsement of his work, I find myself taking a slightly different tack to preaching (more allegorical, perhaps). As you’re the dogmatic theologian, I’d love to know what you think of this.

    • I haven’t read his book on preaching. I’ve warmed-up to allegory over the last couple years, especially in preaching. It seems, however, that exegesis and dogmatics have to be more careful and more strict. I know that’s sloppy, and it demotes the authority of preaching. I don’t have a set of rules to guide one way or the other; I’m very open on this topic.

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