If you are looking for a good classical music station, with high quality online streaming (for free), then you should check out WDAV classical public radio. This is the public radio station serving the Charlotte area, based out of Davidson College, a few miles from where I grew up. They have a 128k streaming connection with the option of four different players (click here for the Windows Media Player stream). Also, the top of their homepage always displays the current track information (title, composer, conductor, etc.).

As for the playlist, it is a good variety. Most classical radio stations lean too heavily toward the late 19th century (Wagner, Mahler, etc.), since this style appeals to nouveau listeners. Thankfully, WDAV gives due weight to the Baroque and Classical periods (Telemann, Bach, Mozart, etc.) while not neglecting the Romantics and their contemporary heirs. I’d say it’s about half pre-1820, half post-1820. At noon (EST), they do “Mozart Café,” an hour of Mozart and other 18th century composers.

Mozart Café


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