To Hell with Hermeneutics

I found this amusing:

“Sadly, the contemporary field of hermeneutics is plagued with a plethora of aggressive proponents of nihilistic to weird theories of meaning and of non-meaning of documents, including the Bible. We have been compelled by our times to come to terms with assaults but not to surrender to them. The same common sense realism (formal or informal) which took you through fourth grade geography and college chemistry will take you through Bible and theology. A course in hermeneutics is hardly prerequisite to theology. It can wait.”

Robert Duncan Culver, Systematic Theology: Biblical and Historical, p. xvii



  1. Yeah, a little. I think he was being a bit facetious — frustrated at an unnecessary epistemological complexity introduced to dogmatics by poststructuralism, finding meaning at the level of subjective response instead of objective determination.

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