Nancey Murphy and Jeffrey Schloss on Science and Theology

Here is an interesting and encouraging discussion about science in Christian thought, with Nancey Murphy (Professor of Christian Philosophy at Fuller and ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren) and Jeffrey Schloss (Professor of Biology at Westmont). Much of what is said in the discussion will not be new to many readers of this blog, but it does provide insight into current evangelical philosophy of science, properly done. I especially appreciate their points on anti-evolution in the Christian academy (including the anti-science method of current I.D.’ism), the impropriety of reading God or morality off of nature, the problem of death as inherent in creation, and predictions on physicalist reductionism.

“On the evolution issue, unfortunately, I think the perception of conflict is actually based on bad theology rather than bad science.” – Murphy


  1. Thanks for this, Kevin! The host is a bit, um, uncomfortable in front of the camera, but some good points are made throughout.

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