The Glory of God


“There is in God all that may draw forth both wonder and delight; there is in him a constellation of all beauties; he is prima causa — the original and spring-head of being, who sheds a glory upon the creature. This is to glorify God, when we are God-admirers; we admire God in his attributes, which are the glistering beams by which the divine nature shines forth; we admire him in his promises, which are the charter of free grace, and the spiritual cabinet where the pearl of price is hid; we admire God in the noble effects of his power and wisdom, viz. the making of the world, this is called ‘the work of his finger,’ Ps. 8:3, such curious needlework it was, that none but a God could work. This is to glorify God, to have God admiring thoughts; we esteem him most excellent, and search for diamonds only in this rock.”

Thomas Watson, A Body of Practical Divinity, in a series of sermons on the Shorter Catechism composed by the reverend assembly of divines at Westminster


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