Flannery O’Connor free audio

December 2, 2008


Nathan Peters at the First Things blog points us to a couple audio files of Flannery O’Connor speaking at Notre Dame a year before she died. It’s great to hear her speak, in a nice, deep Southern accent. I first read O’Connor at the University of North Carolina (Charlotte) in a class called, “Growing Up Southern,” and then again at Aberdeen in a class focusing on distinctives of Catholic thought (in this case, Thomist “earthiness”). There’s so much great Southern literature, but it doesn’t get better than Flannery O’Connor in Southern caricature (in a good, literary sense, but also in a pejorative sense as a polemic against puritanical religion). Her place in the canon of American literature is well-established, and if you want to purchase some of her works, you might as well get the Library of America volume of her collected works.


One Response to “Flannery O’Connor free audio”

  1. syzygus said

    My co-bloggers (both of them Reformed men) and I recently read and discussed “Wise Blood.” The discussion can be found at http://politeuma.us/2008/11/wise-blood/ if you don’t mind the shameless plug.

    Slinking back into the lurk-mode now.

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