Of course

…because Krispy Kreme are immaculate.

By the way, I am from the South and Krispy Kreme’s birthplace, North Carolina. Any Yanks or their equivalents (=Canadians) simply will not understand until the Holy Spirit has renewed their hearts prior to the receiving of the doughnuts, not “donuts.” Since 1937, Southerners have been graced by the presence of His doughnuts, surely a sign of His election, and have no need to explain why we must presuppose the superiority of Krispy Kreme before any doughnut debate. He that hath a mouth to taste, let him taste.

[Pic HT: Joel B.]



  1. Kevin,

    I was so down when the Krispy Kreme near me closed in Indy. On an related note, I will send you an email later today; I am informing you of this in case it turns into spam for some reason.

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