“Unchurched” prefer gothic over modern

The Christian Post has the latest on “unchurched” proclivities. What should come as no surprise to any observing, educated to any degree, human being is actually a surprise to the conductor of the latest Lifeway Research survey: “…the unchurched [especially young adults] preferred more traditional looking buildings by a nearly 2-to-1 ratio over any other option.” Yes, Ed Seitzer, director of Lifeway Research, was “surprised.” I will forever be baffled why the super-sanitized (majority of) contemporary architecture has any appeal, except perhaps that we live in isolated, sanitized worlds that prefer the super-slick over the creative-risk adventure and transcendent wonder that gothic art (and most other pre-20th-century art) mastered. Yet, I have always suspected that the average modern pagan (like pagans of yore) has a greater connection to the world and the common sense that comes from unreflective sense impressions which speak an inherent truth and dignity to the multi-faceted dimensions of the material world — and, so, this is reflected in art. Contra this, we have hipsters and bourgeois evangelicals (oddly enough) united in shitty architecture that mirror their equally perverse rationalist, functionalist circumscriptions of the universe.



  1. I can’t agree with you more about the architecture. I always tell people, “I know it’s the people that make up a church… but can’t the building be just a little aesthetically pleasing?”

  2. […] honestly, this research surprised us,” said Ed Stetzer. What research? This research. (h/t Kevin Davis). Young unchurched people particularly preferred the traditional look. Those between the ages of 25 […]

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