A picture of me!

Me at Cape Hatteras, NC

In moseying around on my computer, I came across this pic my brother took of me last summer at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing (flexing my huge muscles?), but the lighthouse in the background is Bodie Island Lighthouse. Lighthouses are a pretty big deal in North Carolina, gaining a fair amount of tourists (plus, the beauty of the Outer Banks, in general, helps). Our state is the “graveyard of the Atlantic,” thanks to all the islands and sandbanks, with over 2,000 shipwrecks on record; hence, the need for lighthouses. The Outer Banks are well worth checking out, plus you can visit the Wright Brothers National Museum, located in Kitty Hawk, near all the famous lighthouses.



  1. No, that was Cape Hatteras, which is also nearby, and is the most famous of the lighthouses. I accidently labeled this pic as “Me at Cape Hatteras” (if you scroll your mouse over the pic), but it is actually Bodie Island. Cape Hatteras is much bigger and has diagonal stripes.

    It was moved a fair amount inland, as seen in this pic:

    Here’s a pic of before it was moved:

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