Music Spotlight: Bethany Dillon

Bethany Dillon 

 In the goal of furthering Christian culture and to show that dogmatics students don’t just listen to Dylan, Cash, and obscure indie artists, I’m going to be spotlighting some of my favorite contemporary Christian artists, some more well-known than others. Up first: Bethany Dillon, on the lesser well-known side but her albums are easy to find in Christian bookshops. Her myspace has a good, brief description of her:

“…an 18-year-old Bethany is releasing her third acoustically-rooted, rock-influenced, pop project, Waking Up. This release finds her venturing into ever-deeper waters musically and thematically, leaning forward into life, and beginning to wrestle with her own shadows even as she celebrates the light that illumines them. The x-factor that informs Bethany’s constantly maturing artistry is the fact that her songs aren’t created in a vacuum. They’re coming from a place of personal weakness and hope that she willingly lives in, in increasing measure. For Bethany, there’s no such thing as an easy song. All of them are hard earned, and fraught with wonder and meaning.”

Here’s her myspace webpage where you can listen to two of her singles:


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